- This website is full of thousands of photos as well as a guide to help you detemine what year a Tonka toy was built. This is a fantastic site to look at for the history of Tonka Toys. It is also a great way to sell your Tonkas as the owner of this site buys Tonka Toys. - Another terrific website if you are looking to sell your old Tonka Toys. They buy Tonka toys from the late 1940's to late 1960's. - Website dedicated to the history of old pressed steel toys from Buddy L, American Flyer - American National - Burdette Murray Toys - Burdette Murray - Dayton - Doepke - Dorfan - Druge Bros - Dunwell - Hoge - Hubley - Kelmet - Keystone -Kingsbury - Kusan - Lionel - Marklin - Marx - MetalCraft - Minnitoys - Nylint - Republic - Reuhl - Roberts - Smith Miller - Steelcraft - Structo - Sturditoy - Tin Toys - Tonka Toys - Tootsietoys - Tru-Scale - Wyandotte. Many Photos of older pressed Steel Toys. Website celebrating the history of Metalcraft trucks using many pictures. - Well madewebsite with the history of Postwar Lionel train by Year and Cataloged sets produced as well as many of the photographs of these sets. - Huge website with photos, identification and history of Lionel Trains, American Flyer, Ives, Marx, Carlisle and Fintch, Dorfan, Marklin and many more. Website owner is a buyer of toy trains and accessories. - The History of Struditoys presented with many photos of old pressed steel Sturditoys. - History of American Flyer Trains by Year and Sets Cataloged. Many photos of American Flyer Sets.

I buy American Flyer Trains - Canadian Made Minnitoys from Otaco Canada. These were the Canadian counterparts to 1050's toys like Tonka Toys and Buddy L. - Just like the name states, a site about the old Metal Toys from the Postwar perion including Buddy L, Tonka, Metalcraft, Ny-lint and many more. - Just like the name states, another toy site with hunderds of photographs broken into spearate pages for each type of toy listed. Terrific site to browse about the history of old toys. - The internested best site dedicated to the history of Tonka Toys. Separated into years with thousans of Photos of these terrific old toys! With eparate sections dedicated to Private Label Tonka Toys, Construction Tonka Toys, Listing of all Tonka Toy Sets created.


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