Selling your toys

How can I sell my Old Toys?

There are several ways to sell toys, from putting them in your garage sale, listing them on Craigslist, listing them on eBay and selling to a friend or relative.

How can I find out what my Toys are worth? This one is a tougher one than you may think. I used to get frustrated trying to determine the value of old toys. No dealer will tell you what they are worth. Books provide a reference, but books do not buy toys so they only provide a range of what toys sold for when the book was printed, unfortunately most toys have been going down in value as collectors age and their collections get sold. Collecting is generational, like Model T Fords had more value than newer muscle cars at one time, now that has reversed and I do not expect that to change. So in very simple terms a toy is worth what someone is willing to pay for it. I know you have the option of asking other dealers and price my offer as one being fair for you and I.

Q. - Are you still buying Old toys?I buy MetalCraft Toy Trucks

A. - Yes


Q. - Do I have to send photos of my toys?

A. - Yes, The only way I can provide an offer to you is to see the toys, not just to determine what toys you have, but to determine the originality and condition of your toys. The difference between Excellent and true Mint can sometime be double. Very few toys fall into the Mint condition. I can buy toys without photos but ask that you send them to me for evaluation first. If we do not agree on price, I am happy to return them to you.


Q. - What types of toys are you interested in?

A. - This question is normally asked to determine if I have interest in the types of toys you may have. I buy Toys from 1965 and older, I do not buy rusty toys or toys for restoration.


Q. - What toys are the most valuable?

A. - This is not a simple question to answer, it depends on rarity and desirability. Boxed sets of toys in mint condition have have values. Toy Trains in excellent boxed condition are great including Lionel and American are the most common trains ans there are some very rare variations of these out there. Older pressed steel toys.I buy Cast Iron Arcade Toya


Q. - How does this work? Buying My toys?

A. - First off I will ask for photos of your toys to be sent to me, From the photos I will let you know if these are toys I am interested in and if so, I will make you an offer for them. I buy and sell toys for profit so I am not providing an appraisal for them, I am making you a cash offer for your toys. If we agree, I will send you payment and ask you to ship them to me. I pay for the post of shipping but not professional packing. I have found those cost to be outrageous.


Q. - Do you sell on Consignment for other people?

A. - Yes, I will on occasion sell on Consignment. If someone has a large collection of single valuable items it may make better business sense to do a consignment sale. The fee for this service varies by the type of toys you may have, just send me an email and I am happy to discuss this with you.


Q. - I sell on eBay, why should I sell my toys to you?

A. - While eBay is not hard to "do", doing it correctly takes years of experience. I have over 10K invested in Camera Equipment for my studio and have 15 years of experience selling toys, and only toys. With a 100% Positive feedback rating at over 10,000. I know what I am doing. From photos, to reputation, to understanding the correct time to list items and for what duration and even what Country to target. Yes, some toys will do better in other countries, like TIPPCO will do best in France and Minnitoys in Canada. I pay fair prices for toys and you are done - period.


Q. - I have a large collection of toys and cannot ship them, will you pick them up?

A. - Yes, as long as the collection justifies travel, I will arrange to pick them up. I have traveled all across the US buying toys.


Q. - Do you collect toys?

A. - I do not, I love the toys and I consider myself a hunter. I do collect professional Photographs of all of the toys. I have amassed a Library of over 50,000 photos of terrific old toys.


Q. - Where are you located?

A. - I am in Boise Idaho and travel to Reno, Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas quite often. I am happy to look at collections in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada when I am traveling. Lionel Girls Train Set Pink LocomotiveI travel to Chicago Twice a year and can make stops along that trip also.


Q. - I have a large collection of Toys or Trains I am considering selling on consignment, do you have references for selling large and valuable collections?

A. - Yes, of course. I have sold large collections and can provide references as needed. I have almost always exceed the expectations for collections sold.



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